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We are committed to delivering the very best window cleaning service in Swindon and surrounding areas. We are experienced window cleaners and extremely reliable with full public liability insurance for your peace of mind and protection.


Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

We can clean all windows inside and out. When cleaning interior windows we use traditional window cleaning methods by hand for a thorough and smear free finish.

Water fed pole window cleaning system
Traditional window cleaning by hand


Traditional Window Cleaner

Traditional window cleaning, as illustrated in the picture above, is manual cleaning using a specialist soapy solution developed for cleaning windows and glass. It is applied with a microfibre sleeve fitted to a handheld t-shaped bar. This is soaked in the solution and the window is scrubbed clean. A squeegee is then wiped across the window to remove the soap and leave it clear and clean, very much like a windscreen wiper on a car. Ladders are used to clean upstairs windows.

As standard we clean all window frames, sills and ledges for no extra charge.

Window Cleaning using a Water Fed Pole & Pure Water

Prism Window Cleaning Services use modern water fed poles and pure water to clean exterior windows.

What is purified water? Our normal tap water is full of minerals and impurities and water is particularly hard across southern England. Hard water results from it passing through limestone and chalk and leaves deposits of calcium and magnesium – known as hard water deposits. This is what causes ‘scale’ in kettles.

If you were to spray your windows using a hose and tap water it would lead to ‘spotting’ with numerous hard water deposits on the glass.

The pure water we use for window cleaning goes through a concentrated filtration process which removes ALL impurities and means your windows are left with a ctystal clear finish.

Water fed poles are extendable poles with a variety of brushes on the end. Pure water is pumped up through the poles and a constant flow of pure water is sprayed onto the windows while gently agitating the glass, frames and window sills. This loosens dirt and grime which is washed away and the surface is rinsed clean.

Detergents leave a sticky residue on windows attracting dirt. As none is used with pure water window cleaning it means windows stay cleaner for longer.

Changeable brush heads allows us to use specially designed brushes to effectively clean sills.

Advantages of our pure water window cleaning in Swindon:

  • cleans windows upto 30 ft high
  • effective cleaning of windows,UPVC frames and sills at no extra charge
  • results in spotless, streak-free finish
  • keeps windows cleaner for longer
  • ensures your privacy in upstairs rooms
  • environmentally friendly as no chemicals used
  • ideal for conservatory cleaning, conservatory roofs & skylights

The glass is deliberately left wet to dry natutally for clean, clear, shiny windows.

If you have had a negative experience with water fed pole window cleaners it is most likely due to the water not being properly purified. Prism Window Cleaning Services are professional window cleaners and guarantee the purity of our water. We aim to give the best cleaning service available in Swindon, Highworth and Kempsford.

If you would like more information on pure water please click this wiki link

Our Guarantee


Commercial Window Cleaning In Swindon

In addition to our domestic rounds, we also provide commercial window cleaning services . We are insured for commercial work and can provide both method and risk statements on request. Furthermore, we understand the importance of your business’s reputation and appearance hence why we always wear a uniform, are reliable and professional. We are more than happy to discuss your needs, so please get in touch.


Window Cleaners You Can Rely On

We are organised, customer-driven and you can be sure of a professional year round window cleaning service in Swindon, Highworth and Kempsford that won’t let you down.


Neglecting your windows for too long will allow environmental pollutants and chemicals to build up on the glass. This consequently, leads to damage of seals, stains, possible leaking and big repair bills as a result. Having a regular window clean makes a huge difference to your property and will prolong the life of your seals and frames, therefore, reducing the risk of large repair bills or leaks.

We can deal with all of your exterior cleaning needs including gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning, house and building exteriors and fascias, soffits and cladding cleaning.

For more information or to arrange a booking or free no obligation for any of our exterior cleaning services quote please call us on 07557 054899 or email using Contact Us