Fully Insured, Professional Window Cleaning in Lyneham & Surrounding Areas

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If you are looking for a professional window cleaner in Lyneham and surrounding areas, then look no further than Prism Window Cleaning . We are professional window cleaners providing a reliable, all year round service. We can clean your windows on a one-off basis or as a regular, ongoing window cleaning service.

We take in pride in the quality of cleaning and our extremely competitive prices that make us the best value for money window cleaner in Lyneham.

We use both traditional window cleaning methods by hand and state-of-the-art water fed poles and purified water systems.

Traditional Window Cleaner

We are able to clean interior windows using traditional methods. This means applying a glass cleaning soloution to the window, scrubbing it clean and then using a squeegee to wipe the glass clean leaving it dry and crystal clear.

Water Fed Pole & Pure Water Window Cleaning

Water fed poles reach upto 30 feet high and purified water is pumped up the pole and sprayed onto the glass in a constant stream while a brush scrubs the window clean. The pure water assists in the cleaning and rinses the glass clean as well as surrounding frames and ledges.

Pure water goes through an intense filtration process removing all minerals and hard water deposits that occur naturally in our tap water. These limescale deposits leave marks on glass if left to dry but the filtaration process leaves water 100% pure and free of all contaminants.

This makes it perfect for window cleaning as it dries crystal clear and leaves windows cleaner than ever.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Lyneham

Prism Window Cleaning provide an affordable commercial window cleaning service of the highest quality. Our existing business customers include pubs, restaurants, shops and offices and we are available at a frequency of your choosing.

We have full public liability insurance cover and are conversant with all Health and Safety legislation and requirements. Using long reach water fed poles means we don’t use ladders and clean windows from the ground only.

In addition we can also clean exterior office and shop signage.

Why Choose Us As Your Window Cleaner In Lyneham?

  • Fully insured professionals
  • Year round reliable service
  • Most competitive window cleaning prices
  • Highly effective, quality cleaning services
  • Window cleaner who can clean inside windows as well as exterior windows
  • All frames, sills and ledges cleaned as standard
  • Additional exterior cleaning services including fascia and soffit cleaning, conservatory cleaning and gutter cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning

We also offer a first class conservatory cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning service in Lyneham and Wootton Bassett. We can clean and restore dirty conservatory roofs and all UPVC covered in algae including beams, decorative finials, gutters, downpipes, frames and window ledges.

Our water fed poles mean we can access all areas and pure water is ideal for cleaning polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs.


For more information on any services or to arrange a booking please complete the contact page or call 07557054899